Like All Geminis

by Annelisa Alleva


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Reading by Annelisa Alleva

Video by Nancy Watkins



Original book

Annelisa Alleva
Lettera in forma di sonetto
1998, Pages 32, Euro 8,00

ISBN 978-88-89299-09-8

Annelisa Alleva Lettera in forma di sonetto

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Poem from the book Lettera in forma di sonetto (Letter in the Form of a Sonnet) by Annelisa Alleva

Translation by the author

Like all Geminis
you are double, liar, vulgar
and thief. You like to leave
wide-open the violated padlock's
embrace, after subtracting its heart.
Now you have two,
what am I saying! A hundred. And you
don't love anybody. You collect.
From the red inkpot I drew
innocent love words, and then
I sent it to you, empty. The result?
Nothing. Not only this,
but you also betray me.


© Copyright 2005 Il Labirinto